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Friday, October 08, 2004

think global, act loco

Pre-empting the impending separation of the terrible twosome textureDJs, I've got an offer to spin for a global audience at (Cheers to DJ Frekur for putting a word in after coming to Japone on Wednesday night!) Afterhours are relatively small in the online radio world but that still means there are generally close to 500 people tuned in. That's pretty exciting. Once I have the technical details sorted out I'll let you know when I'm scheduled to play - it could either be going out 100% live or pre-recorded and then uploaded a few hours later. Come to think of it, once I'm in the UK in December we may be able to contine the partnership through this channel if Sean can get a hold of enough upstream broadcast bandwidth as well. Nice.

Closer to home, the good news is that the prognosis from the orthopedic doc was fairly promising, but I'm still going to be in this for a couple of weeks:

Fetching innit? Accessorises with my little black dress too. The bad news is that during a dinner party here last night I managed to put a spot of tomato on the only pair of pants I have that I can actually get on and off over the cast. Even before this happened I've had a group of little old ladies with walking sticks use their combined osteoporotic strength to hold a coffee shop door open for me so lord knows what depths of scruffy patheticity beckon.

I think as a rule if kids haven't managed to fall off something by the age of twelve our culture needs to reintroduce a bit of formal mongrel into our coming of age ceremonies. Sure there's the "drinking on the cricket pitch and running away from the cops" but unlike the ritual scarification of some indigenous cultures nothing useful goes on like taking a beating necessitating crutches and plaster. For you see there are dainty lads like myself who somehow never broke any bones while growing up - despite years of trying while playing rugby and inline hockey and the french horn. Having an older brother and sister who negigently never administered any "birthday lumps" with an iron bar to the tibia while I was asleep didn't help either. I knew they didn't really care.

With such an event on the calendar (a bat mitzvah perhaps?) we'd be sure learn some important life skills early on, like how to take most of a shower without falling over when you're too slow to remember to get some bloody bags big enough to waterproof your leg with.

In other words, what I'm trying to say is that the ankle is more a pain the arse than actually painful now, but on the other hand I've got all this extra time in my life because I don't have to spend fifteen minutes rummaging every morning trying to find a matching sock.

PS. Go Latho! I'll be up at a ridiculous hour tomorrow morning to watch the results tally on the web... the polls close at 4am Saturday morning DC time. Seeing as all the Australian papers bar the Canberra Times and SMH have come out with an editorial line against the ALP am probably kidding myself but here's for Labor getting home by 6.


  • Ouchy.

    You know - There is one thing I give thanks for every day: the combined osteoporotic strength of old ladies with walking sticks.

    By Blogger Bobby, at 4:42 pm  

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