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Friday, October 01, 2004

a tribute to the GBU

the good:

Watched the first Bush/Kerry debate tonight in a completely partisan Kerry crowd down at Anzu in Adams Morgan where they were hanging from the rafters. First impressions, Kerry did very well. He was solid, composed, on message, clear. I thought he was the clear victor on the subject of Iraq and terror - supposedly Bush's strengths. To use a soccer analogy, he dominated play for the full 90 minutes, had a lot of shots on goal... but Bush got back in the game in the last 15 minutes, so Kerry left without delivering a decisive result on the scoreboard. Not that you can really expect a killer blow in these contests.

the bad:

with a resounding crick-crack, broke a piece of my ankle playing footy at lunchtime today. couple of hours in casualty this afternoon. pass the codeine.

the ugly:

me, tomorrow morning.


  • Ouch!

    Broke as in broke broke?

    I don't have an codeine, but will some well wishing help numb the pain?

    I hope it's not too serious, and I hope it mends quickly.

    By Blogger Graham, at 6:51 am  

  • Ouch, hope it heals up quickly. What sort of footy were you playing?

    By Blogger Dean, at 10:03 am  

  • yeah broke as in there is a small fracture in the L ankle down by the outside of the foot. its in a half-cast and I'll be getting about on crutches for a while. isn't much painful this morning though which is a nice surprise.

    it was touch rugby Deano.

    By Blogger mister z, at 5:36 pm  

  • Sorry to hear about the Hankle CZ. Wishes of a rapid recovery to you from Inga and me.

    By Blogger jared, at 12:23 pm  

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