mr. zilla goes to town

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

For our thousands* of fans, we've outlayed the marvellous bargain of $9.24 for a full year's webhosting and domain name and all that stuff. Get over to and use promo code 777 and you might still be able to score the same if you're interested.

There's nothing resembling a website yet but you can go straight to here which is where our mixes will periodically go up.

The New Blue Room is now up there for your downloading pleasure. Grab the mixup all the critics are raving** about!

Its a fairly big high definition mp3 file so if you're having trouble and want something smaller please pop a note in the comments box and I'll see about something smaller as well.

* ok, dozens. Alright alright, nine. No wait, my mum makes it ten. Hi mum!
** OK OK it was one critic and he did spend most of the review complaining it wasn't nuskool breaks. But you take what you can get eh? ;-)


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