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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

damn internets

OK so I'm in front of a computer and back able to drop text. dunno what's going on with the audioblogging, I suspect the blogger server is having conniptions with the load tonight, I phoned in two posts (around 7pm, one a bit after 12.00am) that I don't see below. Maybe they'll sneak through later??

((Update 7am Wed: yep, all the audio posts have come through now and I've numbered and put more-or-less the right time stamp on 'em.))

It looked pretty fcuked for a while there but now it's clearly on the barest knife edge. Kerry must win Ohio or the game is over. Numbers I'm seeing now on CNN hold Wisconsin Michigan Washington and Minnesota his way. Nevada and New Hampshire look like going that way too. But New Mexico is clearly for Bush and therefore he who wins Ohio -- or the legal battles therein -- wins the day.

The tension of the race after what has more or less been a complete bender in the last five days has completely sapped me and I'm going to catch a few hours kip before getting straight back into whatever the morning brings.

Hope you've enjoyed the below. (Although I can't seem to download any to see how they sound at the moment, so I hope you've actually been able to access the mp3s). The night here has been a wild ride and I'll possibly be more coherent about it all soon. Suffice to say that the media coverage has been shithouse, CNN in particular with too many talking heads and bullshit and not enough flickerticker data to absorb. Or perhaps its just me that have been changed by the internets and my expectations of normal levels and modes of input have exponentialized.


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