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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

election 2004 (spooky black cat remix)

If you tuned in to the the later audio entries last night you'll know that I ended up at the black cat where DJ Spooky (aka That Subliminal Kid) and friends were at work on a different take on the dozens of vanilla election night parties on offer around town. It's perhaps the one good thing that came out of last night and at least demonstrated that there are some talented people wielding heavy armaments for the forces of good in the continuing culture war. Spooky's collaborating VJ, whose name escaped me, had feeds of all the cable news networks plus a whale load of archival and artistic injections and was presenting a freaked and tweaked interpretation of the television coverage. The still shots below perhaps give you a sense but really don't do it justice. The tunes ranged from fine funkin mashtastica to bursts of relentless aching DNB which couldn't have been more appropriate as electoral armageddon, as if through the eyes of Hunter S. Thompson, played out before us.


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