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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

great sexpectations

It isn't really rewarding or educational when countries or cultures meet your preconceived expectations of them. However it can make you laugh.

For example, many Australians tend to carry the view that Americans are stupid. This is statement is 48% true. This is the percentage of voting Americans who failed to convince the other 51% of their voting countrymen not to vote for George W Bush. Its kind of like Bill Hicks' comments on the war on drugs. He noted that with tens of billions of dollars sunk into the nation's elite law enforcement agencies, the US government is still losing the war against hapless stoners who may have trouble remembering to tie their own shoes some days. The forces for good in the US just lost the damn political war against gap toothed rednecks with rifle racks and confederate flags in their pickup trucks. Idiots. The Democratic party leadership, I mean... so I guess its fairer to really say that around 0.00048% of America deserves the appelation.

So it is, arriving in Britain. In the states the whiff of sex is a firestorm scandal but here a juicy romp across the front pages by a Cabinet Secretary and his philandering partner is all just rather jolly gristle for the media mill and cause for applause. Well until the allegations surfaced that Home Secretary Blunkett might have abused his position and fast-tracked his partner's nanny's visa. Oh my. Not a scandal of impropriety and immigration!


  • But keep in mind that the United States was founded by a gaggle of Puritans that sought separation from the Church of England (the well known sponsor of the six events of the Henry VIII Olympics). In my opinion this course of events, combining with the electoral engineering of a number of fundamentalist Christians, continues to impact our socially conservative orientation.

    By Blogger Malicious Monk, at 4:30 pm  

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