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Monday, November 15, 2004


Here in the bluest of states, in Manhattan since Friday and having a whale of time. Friday night met the happy but jetlaggin sister and bro in law off the plane from London and promptly dragged them through the drizzle of Times Square and out to dinner followed by dropping an mildly obscene amount of cash at the midtown flute on some marvellous champagne. Leaving the poor lagged family to their rest the final stop for the night was out at the Royal Inn in Brooklyn to catch a free set by Turntables on the Hudson doyen Nickodemus. He spun a great progression off a rare groove base into some saxy house while a really nice middle-aged bloke next to me at the bar told me about the antique furniture restoration business and his dominatrix wife.

Saturday night saw some dedicated dashing about, from Chelsea thai & ramen bar Nooch to clubs Trust and APT in the meatpacking district, over to Anatomy in the East Village where the latest CD from Gavin Froome the Nordic Trax label was being launched. Great stuff. You can grab some (free, legal) tracks of his over at epitonic if you're interested.

At the final destination I ended up chatting for a while to the upstairs hiphop DJ. Cheers to you Mike and your friend whose name I never caught but nonetheless who gave me his comp ticket to Fatboy Slim. Not long after that and a hairy 2am stumble in search of a cab I made it back across town to catch the last few minutes of the set. Thanks Graham for calling in the midst of this even though I couldn't hear much and was well trashed to boot...

Sunday saw some jolly jaunts through the Met and more of midtown including a credit smoking stop at Tiffany's for my brother in law... should have bought her something in Italy when you had the chance mate ;-) Off downtown, Ellis Island, a great Malysian meal at Jaya in Chinatown.

Today (Monday) I've been vinyl shopping in Greenwich village mostly at Vinyl Mania -- distressingly apt name, that -- and Bleeker Bob's Records, picked up some tasty tasty stuff including some Alastair Cooke and speeches of JFK just ripe for sampling. The fams are off up the Empire State at the moment and I'm having a timeout to rest my still slightly wobbly ex-broken ankle.

Tonight its out to Deep Space @ Cielo for more housey goodness with Francoise K playing all night.

Good times.

Continued. Cielo was pure heaven. While Fabric in London is the best supersizeme experience I've found, the clarity of design in the more moderately sized Cielo is superlative. A single box shaped open space, a single long bar exquisitely lit opposite the DJ booth on the opposite wall, neither of which pull focus from the central well of the stepdown dancefloor.

Francoise K played a spacey dub-oriented hours long introduction to some killer disco, that having been in the business for over 25 years he probably played the first time around. Fatigue took me around 2am but not before he moved into some volcanic techno territory. He spun the whole night using a powermac and Traktor Studio - a piece of kit I'm quite enamoured of myself - combined with a UC-17 controller and a top of the line PCMCIA-interface USD$1200 RME soundcard.

More on this later, but I'll wrap up this post by saying this previous weekend has more than reversed a slight residual narkiness about the NYC club scene from the previous foray that was overpriced and underwhelming due to some substandard leadership by local sherpas.


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