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Saturday, November 06, 2004

tune in, turn on, chill out

check your watch. if you're reading this before 10pm Saturday in Washington DC, or 3am Sunday in the UK, or 2pm Sunday in the eastern Australian states, or 11am Sunday across in Perth, make a note to jump over to where I'll be going out live over the net to y'all for around 3-4 hours, taggin with DJ Frekur and possibly some other guests. There are streams suitable for both DSL and modem on the site.

There'll be some fat proggy, some fly'n'flirty dirty disco, some beats so broken its like two wrongs making a right, and some totally tokyo terrifictronica. tune in!

Update. Got broadband? Oh yes you do... if you missed the set live you can now download all 3 1/2 hours of awesome tunes from DJ Frekur's site. Just right click and save-as right here: Frekur vs Cynan

Update update. Dang, a few parts of the stream aren't at the best levels. That would be me overcompensating for the gigaport's usual lower output levels. Trouble was with the output studio's less-than-club monitor I wasn't telling where the problem lay (ie the monitor itself or the actual feed) and we were drinking beer instead of checking the d/l feed on delay to suss the actual output. Frekur's TT levels are tight though, and she serves top shelf tracks n mixers. Get into the download above, or just tune into her prog @ 8pm each week. It's the biz.

A full setlist will be forthcoming shortly once we put our heads together...


  • i posted the setlist! i posted the setlist!!! check the afterhours forums...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:15 pm  

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