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Thursday, December 09, 2004

action figure

Normally you roll your eyes at smelly gimboids waving "bu$hitler" signs in protests, but here's a pretty restrained, but disconcerting post over at mykeru which I'm going to excerpt at length:

What the fuck is [this] all about? Yes, I know that presidents past have showed up in front of the military wearing windbreakers emblazoned with military patches or the name of whatever aircraft carrier they are visiting, but this is something else. Bush is wearing the commander-in-chief's own uniform complete with epaulets and a color-coordinated beige-toned flag on his sleeve. Last time around during his "mission accomplished" phase he was dressed up as a pilot, now during the "for faith and fatherland" second term he's Der Fuhrer himself.'s a conscious decision to dress Bush up in faux military trappings, to emphasize his role as military leader, rather than the traditional role of commander-in-chief retaining a civilian tone.

Presidents like Jimmy Carter had far more military experience than bush and never played dress-up. Even Eisenhower, who was not only commander-in-chief during his presidency, but was also a general during his military career and Supreme Allied Commander during World War II, couldn't be found in anything but a suit.

The only historical model Bush can draw on is, of course, appointed dictators.


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