mr. zilla goes to town

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

the horror, the horror (episode 1,037)

There appears to be an almost endless supply of fighters willing to die for their cause in Iraq. Suicide bombers have routinely struck U.N. buildings, hotels, and checkpoints since the end of major combat in the country.

But it also appears that not all of the bombers are willing participants. U.S. military officials have found body parts in vehicles used in suicide bombings — left by the frantic people who were trapped inside, unable to flee.

"What we've found in a number of places are hands chained to a steering wheel," Custer said. "We found a foot roped into the car unable to escape."

He said in some cases, it appeared that men were forced to carry out suicide bombers because their families were being held hostage.

"We've seen a number of incidents where — wives [and] children kidnapped — [the] fathers forced to drive a car, even so far as to have a car following it with a remote," Custer said.


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