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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

one small step for man

Due mostly to some ancient regulations on the heights of buildings, and passably integrated public transport infrastructure dreamed up in the 1960s, the District of Colombia retains the core of a city conceived and built on a human scale. Nonetheless it usually seemed that its dominant lifeform was the motor vehicle, no doubt due to the ever-expanding girth of metropolia sprawled about it in front of the television.

With a lifespan beginning many centuries earlier, Oxford is a town that through the clustered commere and colleges in the town proper remains a place of pedestrian amblissance, despite some local whinges about traffic. We live a whole fifteen minutes walk from the centre of town so with the to-ing and fro-ing I'm still doing to settle in most days there's easily an hour's walking about the town.

A town in which I'm still occasionally getting lost in, despite its middling size. DC with its numerized, alphabetized street grid allows even the most blushing urban navigator to rapidly orient and correct errors of direction. Here, as a result of streets that bend (what a concept!) and a sky without a sun for the subconscious orientation, I'm often arse about and walking the wrong way. Not that this is too troublesome, with time on my hands and enough curiousity to shorten the lifespan of the soggy white moggy that occasionally wanders along the garden fence outside the window. It has lead to some salivating finds in fact.

Nonetheless today I set my feet in the opposite direction and at a different pace towards the nearby paddocks, sports fields and the canal between. On a day where the moisture is hanging in the air, bringing a glimpse of teeth to the chill and gloom to the sky, I've been out for a run.

This is a pretty cheering achievement. About ten weeks ago I broke a bone down in my left ankle and more problematically did some nasty work to the ligaments. After about three weeks on crutches and in fibreglass casts to stabilize I was shakily returned to two feet and daily wear of a cunningly devised brace for stability and support. With all the walking around here I took the brace off a week ago and in the following couple of days could immediately feel the extra strengthening going on in the collar of flesh around my ankle. Chuffed with the improvement and recent endurance I bravely went for a jog through the spongy fields of the mother country, heroically dodging dozens of mole holes that must give the cricketers conniptions and their groundsmen gastric.

Anyway about twenty mintes at a go was about all that the ankle would put up with even on the soft ground, but its a good start and a happy day in the recuperation process. Now since this damage seems more or less on the road to rehab, does this mean I can clear the decks and start on a new vice? Any suggestions?


  • With the restoration of the physical strength in your ankle, I think a fine career in purse-snatching is well within your reach. Or perhaps bullriding?

    By Blogger Malicious Monk, at 8:37 pm  

  • I think the purse snatching may be a good idea, there will be a need to supplement your income if you spend to much time in with the vinyl pushers at avid records...

    By Blogger lunch, at 9:35 pm  

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