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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

your call is important to us

I may have mentioned previously that Oxford works at a slightly different pace to the big city bustle of DC. Technical issues with the internet connection at home (via the College ethernet) are preventing concerted blogging at the moment. And unfortunately the tech support guy has gone home for Christmas. Which is a shame, I've got lots of pictures to post and a couple of good yarns to tell. For example, the other night I was dressed up as a 400 pound penguin watching Elvis get married.

Please stay on the line.

PS In the meantime I notice that crustaceous Canberran Nick has nominated this blog in the 'best overseas' category of the 2004 Australian blog awards. Way to go Nick, thanks! (And watch out Tim D, Surfdom doesn't stand a chance against mzgtt's 37 discerning readers)


  • No worries, Mr Z, sir

    BTW, you might want to update my link in your blogroll.


    Nick (

    By Blogger Nick, at 1:52 pm  

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