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Friday, January 07, 2005

highs and 'los

Just a quick shout out to say hello and thanks to old friends from Canberra (and readers here) Rob and Kat who dropped in for dinner on Wednesday night on their way from a year in Toronto back to Sydney. (Sure they were having a holiday in Scotland too but who's to quibble over details?) I'm jealous of the sunshine and warmth you'll be back to in a couple of weeks... but just you wait till August when its only getting up to a chilly eighteen degrees in Sydney and up to an average maximum here of... twenty one... oh... never mind.

Actually as much as I whinge about the grey days here, honestly the temperatures are quite mild. It's rarely below freezing it seems, and nowhere near as cold as DC was last winter. We're past the solstice and now the wan light on the horizon lingers till at least a few minutes after five in the afternoon. So with no snow or ice on the ground to contend with it means I might get out for some pick-up social football with the Teddy Hall MCR crew on Sunday too. On the damp fields it could be a bit curly without studs though: it's been just on six weeks since I arrived but no doubt due to the volume of Xmas mail the box including my football boots hasn't appeared yet.


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