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Monday, January 24, 2005

oh. yeah. right. sorry.

From the WPost:

White House officials said yesterday that President Bush's soaring inaugural address, in which he declared the goal of ending tyranny around the world, represents no significant shift in U.S. foreign policy but instead was meant as a crystallization and clarification of policies he is pursuing in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Middle East and elsewhere.

Nor, they say, will it lead to any quick shift in strategy for dealing with countries such as Russia, China, Egypt and Pakistan, allies in the fight against terrorism whose records on human rights and democracy fall well short of the values Bush said would become the basis of relations with all countries.

In other words: you, our dictatorial buddies in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Russia, can rest assured that it's business as usual so long as you don't try to get in a sword fight with us in the men's room. Ho ho ho, of course we weren't talking about you!

"It is not a discontinuity. It is not a right turn," said a senior administration official, who spoke with reporters from newspapers but demanded anonymity because he wanted the focus to remain on the president's words and not his. "I think it is a bit of an acceleration, a raising of the priority, making explicit in a very public way to give impetus to this effort." He added that it was a "message we have been sending" for some time.
Emphasis added. What a disgrace that the WPost and the other reporters in the room swallow this crap. If the minder wanted the focus to remain on Bush's speech, all he had to do was stay at home and watch the football instead of coming on with this spin of the speech to reveal the true mind of the Dear Leader for us.


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