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Friday, January 21, 2005

scenes from the coronation

At Wonkette.
11:40AM: Trent Lott reminds us that Americans have been gathering for over 200 years to welcome their new presidents a "peaceful and dignified ceremonies." And then, he said, "there's this year, which is a $40 million obscenity of corporate whoredom."

11:42AM: God. He totally loves us.

11:49AM: Cheney getting sworn in. Fuck, this is really happening, isn't it? Wait, did you hear that? He swore to protect us from "all enemies foreign domestic and made up..." They're warning us this time!

11:51AM: Cheney to Bush: "Thank you Mr. President, now let's go back to blowing shit up."

11:52AM: Who let that coat past security? Did Chewbacca die?

11:58AM: Four more years, minus about a minute. Just keep the bourbon coming.


Republican guy in black overcoat: 4 More Years!
Anarchist: Fuck You!
R: What's that asshole?
A: [sticks up middle finger]
R: Do that again. [takes out camera]
A: [also takes out camera]
They then take pictures of each other and walk away.

Sigh... can you be homesick for a briefly adopted home town?


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