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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

straya die

Bloody bewdy bonza cobbers gdai gdai black stump, mate! Ahhh whatever. Hope you lucky buggers back home are just soaking up the summer and getting on with it, and sticking the national caricaturation where the sun don't shine. Which is here, damn it. The pangs of grief that strike at my heart upon contemplation of the distance to the land I love -- on this of all days -- threaten to cast me into a swoon: I'm missing ANOTHER Sinney big day out fer cryssakes. Anyway, Straya Die in Oxford means heading out shortly to watch the touring Australian Universities rugby team take on the Oxford Blues. And then, curiously, for after dinner drinks with the director of Jerry Springer - The Opera.

Pip bloody pip mate, smash the oiks!

Continued. Wow, what a game of two halves it turned out to be! In the first half, the Oxford Blues were strong in attack and piled on 4 unanswered tries. In the second half, it was the Oxford Blues turn to be strong in defence instead, often forcing turnovers in general play and bottling up the Australians for most of the second half. Two consolation tries to the Australians in the final five minutes, and an enthusiastically deliberate rucking of the testicles of a Blues player caught on the ground on the wrong side of a ruck in full view of the grandstand, made a rout look slightly respectable with a final score of 32-19.

Unfortunately Stuart Lee had a great deal of interesting things to say about Jerry Springer The Opera, and the controvery ensuing since its BBC broadcast, that he mentioned he didn't want to be put in the public domain. One item of interest though is that while this West End run ends in February, and a tour of the US is quite doubtful for a number of reasons*, an Australian production is definitely in the pipeline. Apparently the attraction of an Australian cast with their 'best in the world' facility with profanity is just too enticing. How's that for bonza cultural recognition ay? Happy Australia Day!

* one being the assumed death threats that would come in response to the opera's comparison of Jesus to a "slightly gay" nappy wearing coprophiliac. And that's even before we get to the chorus refrain at the entrance of the Virgin Mary, "raped by a angel, raped by an angel, raped by an angel, raped by God..." I hope this doesn't give you the sense that its a just blasphemous and titillating piece though, its actually a excellent and socially challenging piece of culture.


  • The Big Day in Sin City was a wonderful experience... top bands... beautiful weather... cold tinnies held together with plastic, and hot teenies cover by not very much held together with plastic... all the joys of an australian summer day

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