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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

textureDJs -- Present Intension

Enough of those chipper christmas choons or we'll all turn into happy tree friends. Its time to get it on with some house in the house.

Stuck at work and need a beat stream NOW? Present Intension is currently being featured over at Traktion Digitale , and also online through the regular textureDJs streamer for your instant gratification.

Need something for the iPod, or want to burn to CD? Right click to download the premium grade 192kbps mp3 right here.

Rather than post a tracklist for a change, I thought I'd describe it a little more qualitatively. This particular 75 minute microconcerto breaks down into 15 minute movements something like this:

1) the canonical. its all good.
2) the cynanical. stuff you ain't gonna hear nowhere else.
3) ahh nujazz, the halftime oranges of the 21st century. siddown and stroke your chin.
4) get up. get your dub on!
5) summery sax appeal and a sub-equatorial send off.



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