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Thursday, January 06, 2005

think you had a big new years?

This is a quite outrageously cool story from member 'boysteve' on the Traktor Studio general discussion board. First, posting on 30 Dec 04:

My first date with my fiancee was to see Digweed on NYE at Giant two years ago. Our first kiss was at midnight. A year later Digweed was playing Giant on NYE again, so we went & I proposed at midnight. This year we're going to Giant Village in downtown L.A. to see Digweed -- & we're getting married at exactly midnight.

... and then he follows up with all the details on 2 Jan 05:

Well, we did it and I had the night of my life. The guy who performed the ceremony was a Cheyenne medicine man. I had gotten hold of him through (believe this?) craigslist with an ad asking if anyone wanted to marry us at midngiht at Giant Village. He did it in exchange for tickets, and he was a great guy with the unbelievable name of Eagle Bear Lightning.

Eagle Bear emailed Digweed to tell him what was going on -- and Digweed called him up and said, This is too cool; I'm gonna have Giant call you to work something out.

So Giant gave us a little space beside the stage, and we exchanged vows and kissed at midnight when the fireworks went off. People kept congratulatingus all night long; new of it spread all over the place. And one of the flat-out nicest crowds I've ever been in the middle of, wedding or no.

They shut Digweed down at 4:30 and he asked my wife (a word I find I use surprisingly easily) and I to come backstage for some pix & such. He was drunk off his ass and sweet as can be. He signed our marriage license and gave us a copy of his new CD. Should get the pix in a few days.

So in one sense our wedding had 14,000 guests, and was DJ'd by John Digweed. Heh! It was, honestly, one of the best nights I've ever had. Hello, 2005!


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