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Monday, January 10, 2005

a war to be happy about?

I'll most likely be disappointed with the end product, but right now just the idea that Steven Spielberg directing a new movie about the very godfather of all alien invasion stories is pretty cool.


  • It will be interesting to see if Mr. Spielberg recovers from his recent box office flops (Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report). Although futuristic material is not completely foreign territory (CE3K, ET), his ability to grasp and render complex philosophical subjects is shoddy at best.

    Spielberg seems to be sending mixed messages to the cinematographic community. He's embarked upon directing an additional Indiana Jones episode, a trilogy that had a gentle albeit implausible ending. He's embarked upon directing a film chronicling the 1972 Olympic Israeli kidnapping. And he's embarked upon directing a film based upon a H.G. Wells novel whose history resides comfortablly in the annals of literature. Yikes.

    Cy, on the subject of War of the Worlds, did you realise one of the lead actors hails from Brisvegas?

    By Blogger Malicious Monk, at 4:05 pm  

  • the man didn't actually direct the series, and frankly, having just watched it - half on fast forward, itrealllly slow, spaced out and while there is a nice story arc, its all explained for 10 year olds. No real complexity or insight unfortunately.

    That said, its a good production;)

    By Blogger Chris, at 11:24 pm  

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