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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


After the paperboard of ' Kitsune Midnight' (Man With Guitar, Blackstrobe, Freeform Five...) the freshest label of the French scene is back with blow on blow the 1st album of Hot Chip 'Coming One Strong' (magnet-funk-pop quintet petillant, January 17), some share between Prince, The Specials, the VRP and!!! and superb compilation ' Kitsune X' February at the beginning of with high level inedits between pop dancing electronics and house claquante signs Manhead, Joakim, the Volga Select, Captain Comatose vs Total Stereo, Simian and the new ones and mysterieux The Mogs, Post No Bills, Popular Computer and Dieter Schmidt.

Google translator, you couldn't have captured the incoherent, omnidirectional excitement in my pants better if you tried. A full CD of foxy fresh cuts from French label Kitsune -- whose website look like it was left to someone's dog to make as homework -- is due out in late February, called Kitsune X. If you head over to the website you can read more about the choice of a Galapagos Finch for the album cover, and more about the creator of the particular font used who was born as Darwin died, than you can about the music on the release itself. I guess I should be grateful that it's in English at least!


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