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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

45 on the dime

So in my random surfing of London clubs, coming across a mix comp where the top three prizes are scoring a set at Ruby Lo on a Wednesday night is pretty neat. Especially when you consider Ruby Lo is the joint where Ninja Tune host their regular Solid Steel sessions.

Yippee, says I, boy have I got a mix or two I can send in... uh oh... comp rules say the mix has to be 30-45 minutes long... shortest one I've got is about 53... bugger! (For a minute I looked at chopping the tail off one, but on investigation, they would all sound just like a mix with the tail chopped off. And not even an interesting wriggling tail to look at while the lizard runs away.)

So a sleepless night ensues when the deadline for mixes is this weekend, meaning I really have to get it into the post Wednesday to make sure, and a job interview on Tuesday afternoon prevented me turning my mind and ears to it in any comprehensive way till about 9pm tonight (Tuesday) night...

It's a bit of a headbend to throw together a mix for a competition, its not something I've done before. I mean, you always want mixes whether live or on CD to sound good, but in this instance, you can imagine there are guys out there tricking it up for all they're worth... so do you get bent out of shape trying to come up with challenging mixes and then pulling them off? well yeah, probably just a little... plonking down 45 minutes of four on the floor straight house probably isn't going to be too exciting or prove much...

So anyway have a listen, pressed for time I've cheated a little and grafted 10 minutes of previous material on the front end and 5 minutes on the tail, but in the guts there is about half an hour of juicy juicy jazzy broken beats - material I was starting to work together for a "breaks vs broken" effort which I'll now go back to the drawing board for - plus a bit of my favourite Bill Killin' music... tracklist to follow... I might see if I can tidy up one or two bits in the morning before burning and mailing it... anyway enjoy!

right click to grab some refried beats! (40MB/128kbps)


PS many flurries of snow today, even blizzardy on and off this afternoon, with more predicted. Ms Z, who is spending the next four days competing in a rowing regatta, unimpressed.


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