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Saturday, February 05, 2005

catch up

I feel like posting here has been a bit light lately. This last week, I've been a bit surprised how much of my time is being taken up by a part-time job that's only about two days a week. I guess I shouldn't be - I've also been chasing down avenues for full-time daylight work and shmoozing and pimping myself on the DJ front with some limited success. It feels like if only I was more busy, I would have more spare time...

Ducked down to London again this morning to pick up some new turntables; I've officially given up hope of seeing the one I sea-freighted over on departure from DC. Picked up a great deal on a pair of year-old Stanton STR8-80s that even including hiring a car to go get 'em and getting some new stylii I'll still have saved a bunch of these overinflated pommy pounds. Still it will serve me right if the damn turntable from DC arrives on Monday.

Next cab off the rank this afternoon is the opening double header of the Six Nations rugby, Scotland v France and England v Wales. Wales have been semi-decent against South Africa and NZ over the winter so we'll see what they can do against a rebuilding England. After last year's clean sweep France are probably the form team still, but I would have to give Ireland (playing Italy tomorrow) a good chance at going top this year.

Shit, I just forgot Paris is an hour ahead and the game's about to start, I better get out the door and down to the pub...


Two games that both turned in the final five minutes. When you don't really have a dog in the fight you can't ask for more than that. France were lucky to get away with a win with a try from a charge down after a dogged Scottish performance. But far more memorable was the Welsh victory in Cardiff over England. Playing on a home ground that favoured the home team at every turn -- from the particular twisting impact of roosted Welsh touch-finders, to the soft new surface giving no traction to the powerful English scrum -- Wales exuded hunger at every turn. Absolute standout players for the match were the Welsh inside centre (Henson) and their No. 8 (Owen).

Enjoyable close results, but this is not to say the game wasn't occasionally punctuated by shithouse northern hemisphere thinking. Such as failure to put together more than half a dozen phases, admittedly not helped by a quick-to-whistle NZ referee, and field goal attempts from both teams while attacking inside the 22. Still you who am I kidding about not being partisan, its always enjoyable to see the underdog get up, not to mention someone handing it to the poms. Sing with me and all today's leek-bearing ninnies in the Gardner's Arms now (to this tune): You can stick yer farkin chariots up yer arse, you can stick yer farkin chariots up yer arse...


  • No turntables, but what about your shoes?

    Glad to see that you can get some rugby action these days without resorting to odd timezones and cable.

    Just to let you know what you are missing - first Brumbies match on 26 Feb against the Crusaders. Awesome! Go the Brumbies!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:05 pm  

  • I really should have bought you a digital video camera for Xmas to take to the brumbies matches!

    By Blogger mister z, at 8:05 am  

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