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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

the cheerleader for dear leader

If you graze on the liberal US political blogs at all no doubt you've been following the Jeff Guckert/Jeff Gannon story.

If you're coming late to the story, you only have to check out this video (at Toolz of the New School, via The Brad Blog) of the syncophantic questions he's been putting in the White House press room to get some idea of the degree of whoring going on. And that's before you get to the revelations that Mr Guckert/Gannon was (or still is?), in fact, literally a man whore as well. Irony is dead, but God isn't, according to The Editors:

The story is not that Gannon is a hypocrite for promoting an anti-gay agenda. The story is not even that the White House gave such access to a reporter for a dummy news service operating under an assumed name, and may have used him to expose Valerie Plame. This is not the story.

The story is that God exists.

Think about it: what are the chances that a media whore like Gannon would turn out to be an actual whore? It's impossible. It boggles the mind how infinitely unlikely this is. It's like if you found someone pirating CDs, and it turns out he actually had a peg leg and a parrot on his shoulder and sailed around the Caribbean saying "arrrrrr!" and plundering booty. You wouldn't believe it. But there it is: impossible, but true. Impossible truths are miracles, and only God can work miracles. Ergo, God exists. Q.E.D.


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