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Monday, February 28, 2005

Portishead - live!

Portishead haven't played a live gig in seven years but they came out of their quasi-retirement last weekend to help Oxfam Make Poverty History in Bristol. If you missed the event the first time (and, alas, around 5.999 billion of us did) you can still watch the webcast here. And it's not just Portishead but also Massive Attack, Robert Plant, and Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame, to name a few.

Hot stuff for a teensy £4.50 / USD 9 / AUD 11 donation!


  • Hey zilla,

    I thought if anyone would appreciate this, you would. (Plus its fun to leave comments. Email is so passe.)


    By Anonymous Zoe Rose, at 11:24 am  

  • Or, more to the point -

    They can't not have t-shirts.

    By Anonymous me again!, at 11:28 am  

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