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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


More by accident than by design, in the last two or three months I've become quite decaffeinated. Apart from a small cup of black tea with breakfast some mornings, I think I've had probably three or four coffees, and perhaps an even lower number of cola drinks. After probably ten years of functioning thanks to daily morning coffee and daily afternoon coke I was quite surprised by this turn of events.

I thought there were no side effects to going off the jiggle juice until I completely forgot about this situation and had a cappucino around 6 o'clock last night.

Blink blink.

It's now 5.30am and not even the first few chapters of Amin Saikal's 1980 book on the rise and fall of the Shah have been able to put me under!


  • When that happens, you should just pop in the Tae-Bo tapes and go to town. That should tire you out.

    By Blogger Roonie, at 5:54 am  

  • Mate, the problem is that you are reading material requires a bit of concentration to comprehend. As a consequence your brain will start dumping dopamine, which only prolongs your insomnia (it is for this reason counting sheep seldom works). You have to engage in activities that are truly mindless, like reading sensationalist "chick books", listening to leftist radio shows bloated with conspiracy theory, or reading blather.

    By Blogger Malicious Monk, at 3:49 pm  

  • Ha! You may now have to join the decaf soy latte club. Oh the pain! Just you wait until the day where you get a rush out of the residual caffeine in decaf. S-W

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:08 pm  

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