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Monday, February 28, 2005

super sunday

Its a good day to begin with when the Irish beat the poms and you tip 6 from 6 in the first round Super 12, but these were just background noise.

Yesterday I hopped on the bus down to London to have lunch with one of my best mates from DC, in town briefly to buy tea on her way home from a quick trip through the Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland. A Malaysian lunch in Notting Hill was followed by a wander through Westminster to watch soldiers with swords, shiny buttons and silly helmets shout at each other. This flowed seamlessly into a few pints in a pub by Liverpool Street Station take the chill off, and by then I'm sure it was some kind of eponymous affinity that led us into the Drunken Monkey up the street in Shoreditch for wheat beers and yum cha. However the final stop for the day was always (at least with me at the helm) going to be Plastic People's biweekly brokenbeat Sunday night, Co-op.

Plastic People is a pretty bare bones basement bar - my initial attempt at a drink went something like this:

Z: Vodka cranberry and a white russian thanks mate!
Barguy: Sorry we don't do white russians.
Z: Oh no milk eh? No worries, black russian then.
B: Sorry we can't do black russian either.
Z: No Kahlua?
B: No Kahlua.
Z: How about a vodka and OJ?
B: Errr...

I managed to sort the transaction before it degenerated into a Monty Python cheese shop style escapade, but for all that the venue isn't special, the Co-op music is - five quid for a couple of hours of Domu and I. G. Culture is full value for money in my book. A deeply diverse crowd, a pitch dark dancefloor, packed out by 9.30pm, and sinfully syncopated beats as broken as the English hopes of a respectable rugby season. Good times, even though we had to miss the final hour and leave the club at 11 to be able to make tube connections across town. Good times, even though I had to stand frozen on the street for a half hour late bus back to Oxford, and stumble through the door sometime after 2. Good times!


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