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Monday, February 14, 2005

that valentime again

So, Valentine's Day eh? how's it working out for ya? Seriously, you wonder exactly who this is for? It seems that lots of single people desperately seek out dates or get depressed about not having one. Everyone who's married or in a long term relationship, well, every day is like valentines day isn't it? Or is that just us here on planet zilla? So it is just the people in the first flush of infatuation who get the greatest mileage from the day and keep Hallmark afloat?

Ms Z and I had an early evening date which included a fantastic dinner, a couple of drinks and some awesome tunes mixed together by An Up And Coming International/Local DJ. We actually had plans to leave the house for all this until we realised we didn't need to bother.

Part of the set went something like this:

Dmitri From Paris - Your Life (DJ Afro remix)
Bebel Gilberto - Close your eyes (Faze Action remix)
Jazztronik - Song for Bebe (Sunaga T Experience's Jet Set Mix)
Zero 7 - Distractions (Bugz in the Attic remix)
Tate's Place - Burnin' (Jazzanova Remix)
Fauna Flash - Ten
Force of Nature - Loopaddiction (Jimpster's House remix)

(NB: I gotta stop there and put on the record, Fauna Flash are some hot shit. Around December 03 I heard a track or two of theirs and put their album Fusion in my wishlist to remind me to pick it up, and promptly forgot about them until I was browsing the same list just before Christmas 04. As you do. Not long ago I realised that I actually had this album, overlooked amongst the 100 gigs of tunes on my backup hard drive. If you too have this album doing the equivalent of lying around the house propping up furniture, dust it off immediately and get it into your ears.)

Anyway after this fine early evening assignation, Ms Z departed with her sketch book to go draw pictures of some naked person I've never met. Just your typical valenties day!


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