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Sunday, March 20, 2005

cam's bridges

Once upon a time - say 1961 - a suitable chap (or Fellow) could have made the trip from Oxford to Cambridge by a fairly pleasant and direct train ride, like so:

But thanks to Conservative Macmillan government wielding the Beeching Axe upon the British railways in the 1960s, a rail trip across the Oxbridge now looks more like this:

Bloody Tories! Today, unless you want to take a pricey train & tube ride through central London and muck about changing, the public transport between Oxford and Cambridge is a ghastly three and a half hour bus ride through the roundabout infested region of Milton Keynes. provided by drivers whose main qualification seems to be an unremitting anger at using the brake pedal, such that every time its used it requires a ferocious stomp. The concerted efforts I had to maintain to hold onto my lunch for the last hour of the trip left me a little green.

I might have felt green but arrived in Cambridge to find a cloudless blue sky and stunning 20C cloudless day. The cobbled roads of Cambridge's inner town do seem to stand a little wider than Oxford's, and allow in more of the sky to stay into eyeshot. For this sunlight starved southerner it was just brilliant.

Freely flowing wine and olives afterhours in the Cambridge University Press bookstore on Friday night was great, my shopper spidey senses pulling me into a dogfish store to pick up a great puffy Diesel jacket marked down from a ridiculous £150 to an absurd £23 was better, but the the highlight of the brief trip was catching up with Fancypants, who ably punted us about the river Cam on Saturday afternoon.

Missing the Wales-Ireland finale to the Six Nations championship was a tiny price to pay for an unseasonably great day!


  • Nice work spidey senses.

    Unrelated question: Should I be directing e-mail to you at Gmail or...?

    By Blogger Dean, at 8:17 am  

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