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Sunday, March 13, 2005

goings and goings on

Last weekend featured a birthday made effervescently cheerful by the arrival from oz of jaffas and chocolate coated macadamia nuts. There is no better breakfast in bed, nor any better birthday morning activity than running about the university parks' cricket oval flying a kite amidst the occasional snow flurries. The last time I remember flying a kite was in primary school, but that one didn't have flashing red LEDs. Hmm, did I just turn 9 or 29? Ms Z and I chased the capricious wind until about half an hour after our hands had frozen off, before repairing for espresso and chocolate croissants at the local French bakery. We are children of the multicultural antipodes indeed, going in there sometimes I catch myself wondering why the staff aren't Vietnamese and why these snooty white bakers can't sell me a decent Saigon roll.

Work up at Oxfam HQ is progressing, but slightly inconveniently taking up more hours of the week at the moment right as I'm trying to get into the rhythm of some postgrad study - Two weeks into the course I think I'm about a week behind in the reading which doesn't bode well! While most of what I'm doing up there is corporate boffin material, I'm off to Birmingham for a couple of days training next week to become one of the organisation's pilot school speakers for their Global Citizenship curriculum.

Also, last week DJing prospects have taken a marvellous upward tick. I've had three college gigs so far this year but wheedling both feet behind some club decks has taken some patience and persistence. Last Thursday I opened for two hours (9-11) for the Slide night at Thirst, playing trip hop, nujazz and various broken beats. A very stoked sounding manager called me on Friday to chat about the comparative merits of Ninja Tune stalwarts The Herbaliser and Funky Porcini, and as a result I'll be back down there tomorrow night playing from 9pm-2am. 5 hours solo: nurse, fetch me that Pat Cash headband and 250cc of red bull...

Finally, Ms Z and I are going to nick off to Sardinia in a couple of weeks for a loooong weekend of Mediterranean sun, Italian seafood, and lots of lying around on the beach (though hopefully with less humorous results than last time I tried this). Can't wait!

Finally finally, if you're looking for some cruisy choons to stream I recommend Adam Regan's Leftfoot Show of 2 March I discovered today over at Different Drummer. The Backroom Bandits' track in there is gorgeous. Marc Mac (aka 4Hero)'s recent R Solution over at Nuwaveradio is also a good listen.


  • There are more presents on the way...due to delays in the order processing in iceland it's running a bit late.

    OTOH it may be there already.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:12 am  

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