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Saturday, April 23, 2005

best of best of

Cheap but reliable laughs and a lazy blog post, courtesy of some of the best of the best of:

Insecure depressive seeks despotic ballcrusher to finalize descent into madness.

I am self-righteous. I am unforgiving. I am a conservative asshole. But I have had a life-changing experience that showed me how arrogant and ignorant I really am. A Pro-Lifer Repents.

Free unfriendly black hamster. I want to get rid of this as*hole as soon as possible. Now, all you animal lovers, calm down. I love animals too. But this jerk murdered my other hamster, whom I loved very much, by biting off and eating his head.

Oh alright, here's more than filler: Part of the fine Dustygroove shipment I had sent over recently - inspired by the continuing poxy USD - was the self titled Âme on Sonar Kollketiv. It's cruisy slightly techy electro house of the finest kind. I'm generally less inclined to buy artist albums over (unmixed) compilations as there's slightly less of a filtering process going on, but this nine track release from 2004 of their big guns seems to be a very passable collection, a little dark in places and dubby in others, never overbearing but without lapsing into being merely bland. In their own words:

Their soulful mission [is] to explore far beyond the borders of house music [has] already captured the attention all major peeps involved in present club music.

Go dig it.


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