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Saturday, April 09, 2005

blog on blog action

I often want to chide Mr Lefty for his onanistic indulgence of going over the entrails of his blog statistics for who is coming to pay a visit. Hopefully his impending marriage will put an end to such behaviour.

But I've just looked at mine and it seems like around 75% of the new traffic in the last week are people who have dropped by for my pictures of Harajuku girls in Tokyo this time last year.

So any reference of my own to that particular mischief seems almost redundant...

In other news, the CD/DVD drive in my laptop now appears to be totally bollocksed up and failing to rip any new CD properly. Gah! Pfah! And here I am just home from the pub on a Saturday night with this Mylo promo and three Shakedown remixes to feed into the maw! Blegh! Looks like its time for yet another USB gadget. And a high speed (2.0) hub too.

In other other news, this makes something like six posts in the last week. 10 points if you can guess which European country Ms Z has been in for the duration. Expect the usual desultory attention to the blog to return to form when she gets back late tomorrow, especially as we're off to Sardinia for the weekend... on Wednesday. Ha! That's what I call a weekend!

Una bottliglia di vino rosso per favore. Prego, prego. Andiamo!


  • Well, in my defence, I don't do it that often...

    By Blogger Jeremy, at 2:55 am  

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