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Sunday, April 10, 2005

grandmomma flash

China is not just heading towards overtaking the industrialized west economically, but is rapidly moving towards a stage where it's going to move through, and beyond, what we have to offer culturally. For this week in China it's out with the old skool Boundless Fist of Tai Chi Chuan, and into the streets some sheets of cardboard for some badass poppin and lockin...

Jin is 68, and a grandmother, but she does not look or behave like one.

She is fashionable and well-groomed, enjoys spending her money on clothes and make-up, and is a picture of health and vitality.

And every Monday morning, Jin and a group of her friends meet in a park in Beijing to practise their favourite activity - break-dancing.

Look I don't think we should underestimate the trend on this. If Chinese grannies are busting out in headspins we've really got to lift our game and find a way to bring our own older folk out from under their knitting in the nursing home and kicking some arse. How about some mandatory mutual obligation capoiera classes for over sixty fives if they want to receive their pension?


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