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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

letter to an advice columnist

Dear Abby,

So I'm like totally this together and collected pro DJ right. I'm so cool I put cucumbers in the shade*. I'm way blasé to all that clubland offers. I'm professional, a little cynical, all business, all blag, all over. I'm even getting the hang of turning down requests in a way that makes the requester feel special. "Yeah mate, I'm so with you. I'd love to switch to hardcore DNB for the final hour - but maybe that's just you and me ya know? I don't think the kids in here would get it the way we do..."

So why does it make me feel all tingly that I now have in my record bag a signed Portishead Cowboys 12" from the collection and hands of Andy Smith himself? Does the fact that I only chortled like a schoolboy on the bus on the way home from the gig, and didn't go all the way and giggle like a schoolgirl, mean that I get away with passing this off as the immense and proper respect due to a worthy colleague at the pinnacle of the profession? Or should I just own up to my mates about being a starstuck dorky fanboy at heart, and wear star trek t shirts when I play from now on?


DJ Blush

* No, I don't mean that I put them where the sun don't shine. you advice columnists all have such dirty minds.


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