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Sunday, April 24, 2005

the mighty sunday night

So the big college events in Oxford are called bops, right? Probably a term that dates to bobby socks in the 1950s or more likely the coconut-like sound of rowdy students' heads being banged together by publicans in the 1650s.

The Mighty Bop's 2002 12" I Go Crazy featuring Duncan Roy is a track I would have loved to have on hand Friday night but unfortunately I only picked it up this afternoon. Now theres nu jazz and jazzy house and wotnot but this is a truly demented hybrid of big band Tony Bennett styling served on a house platter so outrageous it's just impossible not to grin. You might even be tempted to use the word 'madcap' and I reckon you could get away with it.

Why Friday night? Well Wolfson Bar was where I kicked off playing in Oxford back in January so I was more than happy to come back Friday to play for them again. (Photo credit: Ms Z.) Particularly since their most recent event a few weeks ago was a 'You Program The Tunes' funky iPod style event and only managerial intervention prevented Thriller being played seven times. I was brought in for a night of ship-steadying 'We Know What's Good For You' and the abovementioned would have gone down a treat, somewhere in the vicinity of the Moodorama Mix of Tricatel Inc's Friday Night.

Speaking of Jacko, at one point in the night I found myself castigating a young miss who came up to request a tune from the kiddy fiddler and to be honest in retrospect I think I was only half kidding her. (Well when I asked if I could perhaps play some of Adolf Hitler's favourite Wagner for her instead, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have obliged anyway).

Makes you think though, will MJ now be persona-non-party if he's convicted? Will any drunken groovers care? Should his art be held above and aside from his other nefarious business? Er, alleged, of course. Of course musos and artists for years have been messy and transgressive types but is there a bridge too far? Jimi and Janis might have been all up for pharmacological expeditions improving the art or the appreciation thereof but it's off the wall to draw paedophilia with the same brush stroke. On the other hand, there's no doubt the odd architect out there who has been up to similar disgraceful behaviour but their creative edifices don't get knocked down as the sentence comes down...


  • but music is different... its about soul, and we can't have dirty finger prints on our souls now can we? ;) lol

    By Blogger Chris, at 3:26 am  

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