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Saturday, April 23, 2005

please hold, your eyeballs are important to us

Sorry for the lack of images - two of my pics from Harajuku in Tokyo last year made their way into some of the top results on both yahoo and google image search and have eaten all my free photobucket bandwidth. I'll sort something out shortly...

In the meantime, since I've got bandwidth to burn at but can't be arsed migrating all my photos and ftping them myself, you might enjoy this old Hefner remix of Lamb's Gabriel from the 2002 Hefner: Reworks release.

Not that I want to turn this place into an mp3blog but the usual concrete umbrella record industry retardant disclaimers apply: this music is posted for sampling for a limited time and if you like it go borrow and rip your friend's copy that's in a dodgy CD case with blurry scanned-and-printed cover art that he picked up in a street market on a recent trip to Moscow, and buy him a beer as thanks.


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