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Sunday, May 29, 2005

honey pot sounds good

Sometimes a conversation like this:

"Where are we going for a drink?"

"Honey Pot sounds good..."

Leads to a night like this:

Launched last night with fanfare, posters, flyers, drinks specials, marching girls and a mariachi band, SOUNDS GOOD at Honey Pot went off like a treat with a great crowd in. The pay is peanuts (so far...) but on first appraisal venue and vibe are great. Hiding around a corner from one of Oxford's main clubbing streets, Honey Pot seems to be one of the town's undiscovered treats, so I'll be in there for a couple of hours every other Saturday working to change that in a good way. (Flyer credit: the multitalented two-time blades-winner Ms Z)


  • On saturday night I had a conversation like this:
    "where shall we go for a drink?"
    "well, the honeypot looks like a bit of a dive from the outside, but I (kind of) know this guy who's DJing, and I think he might be quite good. Let's just go along and if it's rubbish we can go somewhere else."
    We stayed all evening. A surprisingly classy venue, low numbers of annoying student types (yes, i am a hypocrite), and a plethora of excellent music. well done!

    By Blogger The Capgras Delusion, at 12:03 pm  

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