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Saturday, May 14, 2005

what hath laura wrought?

What follows may offend some viewers. Look away now, children.

Via Salon's War Room, we learn about a May 6 exchange between anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley and Alan Colmes on Colmes' FOX News radio show:

In the interview, Horsley, a vocally religious proponent of posting names of abortion doctors on the Web so that anti-abortion extremists will know how to find them, admitted to having engaged in bestiality.

"You had sex with animals?" Colmes asked, with regard to reports of Horsley's past experience with bestiality and homosexuality. "Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule."

When Colmes suggested that maybe that's not the case for everyone who grows up on a farm in Georgia, Horsley shot back, "It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from reality ... welcome to domestic life on the farm ... You experiment with anything that moves when you are growing up sexually. You're naïve…If it's warm and it's damp and it vibrates you might in fact have sex with it."

What's next, Rupert Murdoch pontificating in public about how he took an Asian bride just to help him crack open the PRC telecoms state monopoly? Rush Limbaugh anally plugging his hillbilly heroin live on air but having to remove the microphone first to do so? Look here you fucking spooge-for-brains freakshow fundies! Laura Bush's speech was A JOKE!! It was written for her by a COMEDIAN!! George Bush probably didn't really GIVE HAND JOBS TO HORSES!! (Well you never know, he was a coke addled frat boy for about 20 years, but that's not the point I'm screaming about here). Her speech DOESN'T mean that it's now politically astute - or even the latest fashion -- to unburden yourself on national radio of all the perverted mischief that you used to get up to on your own time down on the ranch! Look, I'm not saying 'we' are better than 'you' - that sanctimonious rubbish is your ball, baby. In fact I'm sure the endangered Ruralius Liberalius are just as much Leviticus-18:23-Lotharios as you lot, but WE JUST DON'T CARE!!

Please, please, shut the fuck up.


Thank you.


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