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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Honey Pot Sounds Good, 25 June 2005

Sounds good? Does it what:

1. The Glenn Miller Orchestra – Boom Shot – The World Record Club
2. Thievery Corporation – Revolution Solution – ESL Music
3. The Underwolves – Bird Song (Earthbound 108bpm Version) – Jazzanova Compost Records
4. Paula Lima – Quero Ver Voce No Baile – Mr Bongo
5. Mr Scruff - Happy Band – Ninja Tune
6. Baby Mammoth – Lost Bearings – Pork Recordings
7. Ivana Santilli & King Britt – Superstar (Album Mix)- SFP Records
8. Jet Set Productions – Go Forward – Flower Records
9. Shades Of Soul Feat Marylin David – Give In To Me (4hero Remix) – Raw Canvas Records
10. Hajime Yoshizawa – Wind Shower – Especial Records
11. Plantlife – When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4hero Remix) - Gut
12. Skeewiff – Pinstripe – Jalapeno Records
13. Mr Scruff – Shrimp – Ninja Tune
14. DJ Food – Peace Part 1 – Ninja Tune
15. Bebel Gilberto – Sem Contencao (Truby Trio Remix) – Six Degrees Records
16. Emo – First Time Experience (Povo Mix) – Audiopharm
17. Dj Spinna – Lansanna’s Priestess (Donald Byrd) – Blue Note
18. Big Bang feat. Nathan Haines – Smile In Your Eyes (Mark De Clive Lowe remix) – Arison
19. Jazztronik – Samurai – Tokuma Japan Communications
20. Macy Gray – When I See You (Bugz In The Attic Remix) – Bitasweet
21. Freakniks – Kalimba (Flute Mix) – Scenario Records
22. Rinocerose – Le Mobilier – V2 Records
23. Jazzanova – St Germain Soul Salsa – Jazzanova Compost Records
24. O Xamengo de Ina - Trio Mocoto – Mr Bongo
25. Fort Knox Five – Learning It The Hard Way – ESL Music
26. The Underwolves – Shaken (Fauna Flash Timbales Remix) – Jazzanova Compost Records
27. Fauna Flash – Ten – Compost Records
28. Yukihiro Fukutomi – I Am – Jazzanova Compost Records
29. Aromabar – Cupid and Orlando (Jazztronik remix) – Infracom!
30. Ski – Fifths (Jazzanova 6 Sickths Mix) – Compost Records
31. Alastair Cooke – Letter from America – Pye Records
32. Marzebian – Let it Ride – Giant Step Records
33. DJ Smash - Nice To Have Money – Mole Listening Pearls
34. The Mighty Bop Feat Duncan Redman – I Go Crazy – Yellow Productions
35. Jazztronik - Song For Bebe (The Sunaga T Jet Set Experience Remix) – Flower Records
36. Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files - Taking Over Me – Hospital Records
37. Déjà Vu – Astralfield – Flower Records
38. Force Of Nature – Loopaddiction (Jimpster Mix) – Freerange Records
39. Coldfeet – Pussyfoot – Compost

wetro anime

I've finally gotten around to updating the track of the week, which I'd like to dedicate to the soggy punters at Glastonbury. After five days of balmy heat, early on Friday morning the heavens above England split and sent a three foot wall of water through the camping ground.

Looks like fun! Wish I was there! Alas this summer I'm going to have to settle for the Glade Festival in a couple of weeks, where Ms Z and I will be stage managing and campaigning respectively. Speaking of which, we're also off to Edinburgh next weekend with a million or so like minded folks for a tea and biscuit with Tony, George, Paul, Vladimir, Jacques, Junichiro, Gerhard and Silvio.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

we're proper f**ked, said hanrahan

This post at The Blogging of the President is simply the best analysis of the situation in Iraq I've read on the web to date. Go read the whole thing.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Who could have imagined that working full-time, studying 0.5-time and also DJing 5-6 nights a month could leave you a bit off the boil and with about 47 hours of sleep to catch up on? Forgive me blogger for I have sinned, it has been a couple of weeks since my last blog, I confess I have been coveting my neighbour's iRiver iFP-899, and since wrapping up the last paper of the semester at 1.30am last Tuesday, willfully breaking thy holy commandment, Thou Shalt Not Kill [Time In Record Stores]. Especially good local second hand ones which have just had their rent doubled by the city council and will probably make way for another poncy high street fashion store in short order. We've also had a flying visit from the lovely Miss B on her way through to visit Fancypants in Cambridge; to our shame we've been here 6 months but inside two days she beat us to the Pitt Rivers Museum so we've got some redress there to do. (In our defence its really hard to get to the Pitt Rivers: it may only be 10 minutes walk from home, but the entrance is through the Oxford Museum of Natural History and you have to be able to walk all the way through an enormous room full of dinosaur skeletons without being distracted to make it there...)

Anyway if said coveting goes to plan, and come to the party in short order, I might have something fun going up here in the next week or so, that might also answer some of the questions Nick threw my way.

In the meantime I'd like to draw your attention to After Terror: Promoting Dialogue among Civilizations for some very digestible snippets from an eclectic array of perspectives. I've been dipping into the entries at random, including contributions from the late Sergio Viera de Mello to Queen Noor of Jordan, but it's Sir Ravi Shankar's contribution that provides some (unintended?) comic relief halfway through. While ostensibly talking about music as a unifying force for peace, Shankar seems to devote much of his brief entry to whinging that all the hippies who he played to back in the day were off their collective dials.

But for now I think it's getting close to time for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sankamap long Bougainville

Todei mi hamamas tru long harim ABC news long nambawan eleksin long autonomous govamen blong Bogenvil i pinis, na eleksin bin wokim bigpela man Joe Kabui President long Bogenvil.

Ehh my tok pisin’s getting a bit rusty... anyway... it’s been coming along in its own sweet Melanesian time since the ceasefire in the Bougainville crisis (secessionist war) in 1997 and the Peace Agreement in 2001, but there’s finally been a government elected in the now autonomous province of Papua New Guinea.

For those that came in late, I spent a bit of time with the multinational Peace Monitoring Group in Bougainville in 2002-03, primarily working on verifying the disarmament of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the Bougainville Resistance Force. In other words, attempting to ‘secure’ the occasional piece of hardware like this...

But more commonly, moving craftily home-made as well as factory-made high-powered automatic weapons through a staged and UN-verified containment process. Below's how I spent Christmas Eve, 2002: Mr Z with BRF Atamo platoon commander Halbert T, Hevilift loadmaster Stu B with a trunk of a dozen or so rifles enroute to Stage 2 containment on a hilltop in Paru Paru. Halbert was a fantastic bloke who really gelled with what was going on. (I gave him my pair of ADF issue boots before I left, which will hopefully prevent him from accidentally cutting his foot off in future, like he almost did one day pruning his garden with his Bougainvillean swissknife aka four foot machete.)

While there’s been the occasional container break-in since, the disarmament worked well enough and long enough that the UNOMB Director was able to verify Stage 2 to the PNG government, and thereby allow passage of legislation creating Bougainville’s autonomous constitution through the PNG parliament. So the elections for president are complete, and big Joe Kabui has been elected president – to no one’s surprise I imagine. Here’s the one picture of President-elect Kabui I have.

What’s most remarkable about recent developments I think is the context that the father of the militant independence movement, Francis Ona, has come down from the mountain, literally and figuratively, and spoke publicly in support of Kabui for the presidency.

Most exciting for me is that an election booth was set up inside the Panguna Mine complex itself – during my time in Bougainville there was a ten mile exclusion radius around the mine for UN / Peace Monitoring Group activity, inside which sat Ona and his Me’ekamui hardliners opposed to any negotiated settlement of the crisis beyond complete independence from Papua New Guinea. Here are two pics that reflect about as close as the PMG got to the ground zero of the Bougainville crisis:

The Morgan’s Junction roadblock between Loloho and the head of the mine from the eastern side of the island. Those slung rifles were ceasefire violation right in front of our eyes… damnit, more paperwork…

... and wobbly shot from a helicopter flying around the western edge of the perpetually cloud-wreather Panguna No-Go Zone, that’s the mine's retaining wall on the Jaba river below the mine. Occasionally PMG helicopters would be shot at but when you’re sitting in there with such noise and vibration often we wouldn’t find out till hearing through the grapevine a few weeks later!

Anyway, that Ona came down and spoke publicly in support of Kabui in front of 200 people in main township of Arawa is amazing, but that he did it while over 2000 people were nearby at a soccer tournament speaks volumes of its own. While the Reconcilication between Kabui and Ona was a long time coming, and although Kabui’s political 2IC James Tanis was also wooing the support of Ona for his run, it seems that sitting on his mountaintop for the last seven years has turned Ona into the dog that didn’t bark.

After years of patience throughout the island as the peace process and government-building processes took root, I think the weight of expectation is now going to be firmly settled upon the new Bougainville autonomous government, and unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to have anywhere near the capacity to meet those expectations. Still I wish them all the best and one day when I’m south of the equator again might think about traveling through the island again to see how its shaping up. For now though it’s a happy day for Bougainville and one to give us all a bit of hope that with time and perseverance sometimes really shitty conflict situations CAN work out. For Bougainville its both the end and the beginning of a long road.