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Sunday, July 03, 2005

and another thing

Here's Dubya giving a speech in front of the massed ranks of military at Fort Bragg in North Carolina last week.

His cheerful visage must have something to do with his current poll numbers, which rank him as the least popular second term President since Nixon.

The reason I show this face that launched a thousand dirty nappies, is not merely because of the deep and abidingly joyful schadenfreude it gives me, but to remark upon how pathetically and monumentally stupid it is that this UTTER GIT was QUOTING OSAMA BIN LADEN in his speech to support his line of argument to stay in Iraq! You can't make this shit up!

Well actually, you can make it up as well:

"It's like this troops. I've just been on the hotline to Osama in Baluchistan, and since we're giving him the apocalpytic battle in the middle east he wanted and turning every Arab in his favour, he's asked if we could stay and fight for an indeterminate period of time , for which he's promised - said he crossed his heart and hoped to die and all - not to attack America. Sounds pretty fair to me. Now don't forget to say a proper goodbye to your momma's before your next rotation over there."

Do the people dying for your stupidity the courtesy of honesty, George. Tell them that its all WMD under the bridge amonst friends, but now you've made the world economy's testicles hostage to the insurgency's meat grinder. Tell them that if the 2 million barrels a day of oil from Iraq stops flowing they'll have to mortgage their SUVs to buy a tank of gas. Tell them that they're going off to die to make sure a $100/barrel oil spike doesn't tsunami the US economy and put their wives and kids out of work or on the street. Tell them that and they might believe you. Tell them that and they might want to go.


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