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Monday, July 25, 2005

daze off

I'm off work this week and we had planned to be in India this weekend at the wedding of a very good friend from DC. However the peak-season summer airfares were unconscionably ghastly for a trip that could have been a week at most. It did provide a few weeks of serious head scratching and muttering over airline sites to see if it was at all possible though, I mean, how often in your life do you get invited to a full-on Punjabi wedding in India? On the other hand, since airfares to Australia are about the same cost at the moment, if we're saying goodbye to that many squids why not fly home to visit family, in particular, the fine hemispherical figure of a woman who's about to make me a giddy uncle?

Speaking of which, could you hurry up with that S-W, my ankles are killing me.

So it's a little disappointing not to be off on a monster transcontinental dash this week, but they're the choices that kinda come from opting out of the fat-of-the-land government salary to a more modest non-profit pay cheque. We're hardly struggling from meal to meal, but I'm sure it's my mum's Scottish blood that's sending us off on a wee bargain jaunt to Prague instead for a couple of days instead of Parag's wedding.

Word is that the local beers go for somewhere south of 40 pence a pop, and since when we arrive back in Oxford on Friday night a certain chaos butterfly from Sydney is due in town, it could be August before I'm sober enough to sit in front of a computer again... so to keep yourselves amused till then, spend an hour of your workday playing this marvellously entertaining little flash puzzle game called Grow RPG.


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