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Monday, July 25, 2005

from the mouths of babes

Glenn McGrath brought his two young children to the post-match press conference.

His daughter Holly fiddled with his man-of-the-match medal and fidgeted on his knee.

She whispered in his ear while Ricky Ponting was talking, so Ponting fixed her with an amused stare.

"Go on, ask her a prediction," he said to the press.

"Are you going to win the Ashes five-nil?" someone said.

Cue uneasy English laughter all round.

The little girl blushed and hid her head in her hands.

Between English incompetence in the field, and the weeping from the heavens by English cricket greats of old, a proper weekend sprawled in front of the test on the teev was never on the cards. I wonder if a polite letter to the BBC and the MCC would convince them to move the first days of the rest of the series to Saturdays? Perhaps not.

But at least the Australian dominance reminded me of a conversation over dinner in London a few weeks ago I meant to relate. After breathlessly discussing Bruce Reid's left hand action, sub-25 average with the ball and tragically injury-truncated career, a Pakistani friend of a friend from Leicester mentioned that she fell in love and married her first husband owing to his understanding of, and sympathy with, her adoration of David Boon.

Honestly, how on earth are a bunch of trembling-chinned English schoolboys supposed to compete with a team storied in global mojo like that?


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