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Thursday, July 07, 2005

music for life

If I stop crapping on about the nightlife malarkey I’m getting up to, then the terrorists have won, right? Right.

You know how in the news reports following major events like Live 8 or the Olympics, you hear massively inflated claims of the world wide audience. You know, like Bob Geldof crapping on about how 3 billion people were watching the Live 8 concerts. Excuse me? 50% of the world’s population? Newsflash Bob, that’s a lot of rural Chinese, African and Indian peasants you’re counting on to both have a pedal-powered television in the village, and be bothered to down tools for the day with their mates to watch Western pop stars ponce about on stage. Riiiight. And that's before we do a demographic breakdown to determine exactly how many Americans were actually watching a NASCAR race instead.

You see it also with events like the Olympics, claiming a global cumulative audience of 473 billion, blah blah, total rubbish that TV networks puff to their beady-eyed advertisers. Now these figures are a complete load of old cobblers, and while the one I’m about to give you also needs to be snorted with a line of salt as long as a Canberran private school drama teacher’s arm, it is perhaps marginally less a load of tripe than the above. It’s not total bollocks, but perhaps merely bollock.

This weekend, I’m DJing live in front of over 90,000 people.

Departing Oxford at lunchtime tomorrow, over Friday and Saturday nights I’m playing a total of five hours in a chillout venue at the Nass Festival out near Bristol. The Nass is basically the UK’s equivalent of the X Games. So it’s a case of headphones and half pipes for a day and a half at a 45,000 person festival (45,000 x 2 nights, geddit?). I’ll be dishing broken beats, Fila Brazilia flavoured mellowdic mischief, future jazz, scruffy cuts, kinda whatever springs to mind really. I am, he says with a particularly poor attempt at careless nonchalance, looking forward to it just a little.

Closing out the trifecta, Sunday night I’m playing at the Notting Hill Arts Club down in London. If topping a bill is headlining, then by golly I’m more than happy to go in and footnote at NHAC -- as a way to have a London debut its seems mighty fine to me. Sure the promoters spelt my name wrong and assumed that when I said I played in DC they therefore made me an honorary seppo for the weekend, well you can’t have it all eh?

Which brings us to the name of the night and the title of this post: Music 4 Life.

And after today’s events I can’t think of anything better to go down to London and play for.


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