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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Last night but I was having vivid nightmares about a serial killer who knocked on random doors and went about his murders with a small camera affixed to his upper chest to record his grisly acts and final moments of his victims. In the dream for some reason I was being forced to watch all the gruesome footage.

Walking into the office just before 9.00 this morning -- oblivious to what was going on down the road in London at the same time -- there was an unattended black box and some electrical equipment in the empty foyer. Working four blocks from the White House for a couple of years kind of sensitizes you to these issues. I pointed it out to someone else entering the building at the same time who made a comment along the lines of ‘ha ha, maybe we’re going to get blown up’.

Yeah, ha ha. I went and opened it a tiny bit for a look in -– which is exactly what you get told never to do, but it was empty -- before going up stairs.

And then I came out of a meeting at 12 and was told about the news from down the road.

Ha, bloody, ha.

I think it’s a defensive response to look at things like this and feel like you had a sense of foreboding and say, well gosh how intuitive and attentive I am and therefore feel some (utterly false) sense of comfort in the idea that well getting blown up on a train could never happen to me, I am the star and central role in the movie of life! This is of course total bollocks but I’ll allow my hindbrain to carry on with the fantasy for the rest of the day so I can get on with getting work done.

The short version is we’re fine here in Oxford but thank you to the many friends (and of course family) who have called, emailed and texted. Still some friends in London I haven’t heard from but am putting my faith in the fact that its just because the phone networks are jammed.

Continued 6pm. OK, everyone on my list seems to have reported in ok... sadly there are many hundreds if not thousands of people who will not be so lucky, left feeling the loss of friends and family tonight and tomorrow.


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