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Thursday, July 21, 2005

panic and alarm

My first thought on hearing about the small explosions today and eyewitness accounts of strange burning smells was: holy fuck, they're radiological or chemical... and it seems I wasn't the only one:

Thankfully there's reporting now of the discovery of unexploded, botched devices, people fleeing at least one scene, and it seems that only the actual detonators blew...

If this is the case I find today's bungled attacks strangely heartening. To me this indicates that the terror cell(s) in England have been rattled by the police rapidly identifying the Leeds-based cell, and these devices may have been quickly put togther and put into use without the assistance of the highly expert explosives work of the previous attack, presumably carried out by person(s) still outside the UK. So it's not just the public that can get panicked and alarmed.

To me this implies that the organisation involved doesn't have much depth in their personnel roster and though they seemingly may not have a shortage of willing suicidal fucktards, they may be reliant on a very small number of highly competent individuals to effect a successful mass casualty attack.

It's reminiscent of AQ's failed missile attack on an Israeli passenger airline a few years ago. It makes our foes more vulnerable, less implacable, less daunting, less fearsome.

There's an awful lot of conjecture in the above but one thing we know for sure, like the previous botched attack we know that there are certainly more to come.


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