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Saturday, July 23, 2005

swim to the moon

Sure it's easy to have fast downloads with broadband these days, but did you ever wonder how fast the internet can swim?

Can you swim? Do you swim laps? Do you swim laps regularly? Know someone who does?

Not content to merely work on her D.Phil as well as collaborate in all kinds of my mischief after hours, Ms Z has decided she's going to swim to the moon. Since that's somewhere in the order of about 400,000km or 8 million laps, she's looking for some help. It's early days and so far she and a few friends from here to Philadelphia have made it across central London. I understand the plan is to swim from Waterloo to the Sea of Tranquility, but one doesn't immediately fly off on a tangent of course, it takes at least a lap of the earth to build up a healthy escape velocity...) Head over to swim to the moon and see how it works if you've got some laps to donate!


  • I hate swimming, but i could donate a couple of flapping motions whilst I'm in the bath, not sure how far that would go...

    I'm liking the blog facelift by the way. Stylish.

    Sorry I didn't make it down to Honeypot last night. None of the medical students were up for it (fools) and like I said, I couldn't go on my own, for fear of being drug-raped by Orlandocatastropic.

    By Blogger The Capgras Delusion, at 10:07 am  

  • You wish! Date rape drugs say "I love you".

    But should you change your mind...

    By Blogger OrlandoCatastrophic, at 12:41 pm  

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