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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

choose your own adventure

shit. you haven't even fixed the britches of your blog, and along comes one of those "can you still rock so hard, or will you deal with reality and sign up for grandpa school" moments in the twilight of your twenties.

so, read along kids, and tell me which page you'd turn to:

It's August the 17th and you've just found out you have about 3 weeks to find a new place to live. Do you:

(a) spend the next few weekends actually, you know, finding a new roof over your head?

(b) take up the invitation you've got to go DJ at the V festival and the Leeds festival over the next two weekends, and just chance the whole "roof" thing to mojo, and fate, and what you can squeeze into the diminishing hours between work and masters degree and the pillow, and shit?



  • I'm not sure how helpful it will be, but we recently recieved from our landlord an A1 tenants card, which entitles us to preferrential treatment when looking for rental properties...

    As you are still on the lease we got one with your name on it too... do you want me to mail it over? Is there an LJ Hooker office in Oxford?

    By Blogger lunch, at 11:58 pm  

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