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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

eV Listening download

Despite the assistance of swarms of wee spiders keen to crawl into the mixer, and onto any record left lying still on the platter for a few moments, over the two days of V I played a good number of hours in the Oxfam-sponsored chill out venue - which is the main reason I missed The Roots, Robert Plant, the Polyphonic Spree, and so on.

Still, I braved the spiders and plugged in the recording gizmo in the back of the mixer for about an hour so as to share the vibe with you all. A more lazy laid back mix you haven't heard from these parts before... so grab 70 minutes of eV listening (tres witty, no?) for your Sunday afternoons, your post-clubbing, your last-train-home ride, your snoozing on the lounge with a book when the TV has nothing but shite again.

How good is it? Well starting with some comatose calypso dub before moving into some soulful dnb and beyond, its, um, really good. Check the old Propellerheads remix in particular, its a gem, as is Jazztronik's arrangement of The Piano. But don't take my word for it. A bunch of people lounging about on a summer's day (while down the back I've disappeared behind the decks in search of a record) can't be wrong!

Tracklist (Artist - Track - Label)

1. G Corp - Peace Time - Different Drummer
2. The Shanti-ites – Jericho Walls – Blue Note
3. Boozou Bajou – Take it Slow – Studio K7
4. Propellerheads – History Repeating (Hip Length Remix) – Dreamworks Records
5. Coolie Coolie Spooners – Cool Spoon – Talkin’ Loud
6. Puracane – Things You Should Leave Alone (Underwolves Remix) – Ubiquity Records
7. Thunderball – Sirocco – ESL Music
8. Alex Reece – Feel The Sunshine – Blunted
9. Intelligent Jazz – Bionics (Jimpster’s Jazz Mix) – Freerange Records
10. Jazztronik – The Piano – Flower Records
11. Cold Cut – Onamission - Ninja Tune
12. Monday Michiru – Fading Beauty (Chillin’ Winter Mix) – Kitty
13. Herbaliser – Sensual Woman – Ninja Tune
14. Bebel Gilberto – Cada Beijo [trans. "each kiss"] (Thievery Corporation Remix) – Six Degrees Records
15. Minako Okuyama – Hana no Yooni [trans. "like a flower"] – Flower Records



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