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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

V festival phlogging

Saturday morning and we almost didn't make it to the V festival outside Wolverhampton, as an early start and a minimal breakfast made following this blue siren with her truck loaded full of curry quite tempting. But make it we did, and so did the almost several dozen people you can count in front of the main stage below.

This pic does a great job of summarizing the crowd at V. Lots of lazing about in the sun - yes, half decent English sunshine! praise be! - lots of stuffing chips into gobs, and more than the occasional musclebound lobster pom being brought towards a state of high excitement by the fun on stage.

Speaking of which, Oasis: ehhh, yeah yeah; Chemical Brothers: yeah yeah!!; Scissors Sisters: mmmmm yeah kay I spose...; Franz Ferdinand: yeah, alright, yeah!; Goldie-Lookin "If You Leave Me Now, Can I Fuck Yer Sister" Chain: heh heh yeah but damn these pisstake welsh gits made me miss TISM; The Zutons: oh yeah! (observe response of muscle monkey above); The Roots, Prodigy, Robert Plant, Ian Brown: ah shit! missed em...

... and...

The "where has this woman been all my life apart from in Moloko" moment goes to Roisin Murphy. I'd only heard one of her solo tunes and that was only just mid week, but that was enough to make sure we trooped off to the small back corner venue to catch her. If there's any justice she won't be riding the back of the bus for long, within the first 3 minutes of her set had turned the Volvic stage into a freakin' volcano of show-woahhh-man-ship. Absolutely ripping tunes with all kinds of dub, rock, jazz and reggae undertones, demonic band, and a wildly intense stage presence even before she disrobed mid-set into a foot-high feather headdress and cyborg caberet silver jumpsuit.

Class, talent, brilliant. Highlight of the weekend.

(All pics courtesy of Ms Z.)


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