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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Honey Pot Sounds Good, 24 September 2005

It's been about a month since I've posted up a tracklist and there's a two reasons for that. Firstly, it's been fairly busy at zilla HQ between going off to the V festival, the Bestival, working days, working nights, doing an abysmal amount of study, and moving house. Twice. That last word has a whole story of its own which I'm prevented from blogging about, owing to my thumb heading gobwards, and my posture foetal, with any attempt to relive the drama.

The second reason is that one night not long before Bestival, some genius in these parts (we won't say who - there's no need for blame-gaming) got distracted and managed to attach his 120V Korg mixer from the US directly to the 240V UK power grid.


This is a public service announcement. Whether you're nine years old with cordial and a fork in your hand, whether you're nineteen years old with a disco biscuit in your hand, or whether you're twenty-nine years old with your dandy mixer in your hand:

Don't drink and plug, kids. Don't drink and plug.


So though there's no shortage of residential time on the decks in venues around Oxford at the moment - around 18-20 hours a month in fact - I've nonetheless felt quite discouraged from buying new records. This sad state of affairs came to an end on Friday with the delivery of a new power supply, and the joy was unconfined. You might say I suitably honoured the unfortunate plugging incident's accompanying odour of burning plastic by making my credit card smoke as well.

The results were superbly enjoyable and made a stellar contribution to last night's set. Recent buys are linked:

1. Kokolo – Good Noose, Bad Noose - Afrokings
2. Antibalas – Pay Back Africa – Ninja Tune
3. G Corp - Peace Time – Different Drummer
4. Baby Mammoth - Moonburn – Pork Recordings
5. Yoshinori Sunahara – Music For Robot For Music (Armed Mix) - Bungalow
6. DJ Food – Dark Aeco – Ninja Tune
7. Pushipullyu – Twohands, Forearms, Legs Eleven (The Food Mix) – Woolly Mammoth Records
8. Wicked Beat Sound System – Everyday Dub – Mushroom Records
9. Season Feat. Ernesto – Juice (Math Union Mix) – Goya Music
10. Bebel Gilberto – Winter (Nuspirit Helsinki Reinterpretation) – Six Degrees Records
11. Femi Kuti – Do Your Best (Faze Action Remix) – Guidance Recordings
12. Suba – Felicidade (Funky Lowlives Breathless Remix) – Audiopharm
13. Jazztronik – Set Free (Parts 1 And 2) – Flower Records
14. Tricatel Inc – Friday Night (Moodorama Mix) - Audiopharm
15. Koop – Summer Sun (Marcus Enochson Remix) – Jazzanova-Compost Records
16. Fort Knox Five – The Brazilian Hipster - Audiopharm
17. Paula Lima – Quero Ver Voce No Biale – Audiopharm
18. Jazzanova – Introspection (Calm’s Outerspect Mix) – Compost Records
19. Klaus Doldinger – Ju-Ju Man (Fauna Flash Remix) – Warner Strategic Marketing
20. Akiko Kohara – Miracle Starscraper – Pony Canyon
21. Roisin Murphy – Sinking Feeling - Echo
22. Marschmellows - Swoundosophy (RAS Remix) – Kriztal Records
23. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble – Leroy (Tony V. Allen Tweak) – Guidance Recordings
24. Thievery Corporation – The Heart’s A Lonely Hunter (Feat. David Byrne) – ESL Music
25. Big Bang – Smile In Your Eyes (Mark De Clive Lowe Remix) – Arison Recordings
26. Reel People – Spiritual (Seiji Remix) - Bitasweet
27. Royksopp – Poor Leno – Wall Of Sound
28. Mondo Grosso - Star Suite (Shelter Album Mix) – Sony Music Entertainment Japan
29. Black & Brown – Cool Affair (Eric Kuppe Remix) – Mole Listening Pearls
30. Toy Division – Budapest Resonance (Andrew J Remix) – Juice Records
31. Plantlife – When She Smiles She Lights The Sky (4hero Remix) – Gut Records
32. Kyoto Jazz Massive – Deep In Your Mind – SMEJ Associated Records
33. Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (Aquanotes Naked Adaption) - Quango
34. Freestyle Man Feat. Wanda Felicia – Que Domingo (Nuspirit Helsinki Montana Roha Jazzmix) - Puu
35. Underwolves - Birdsong (Earthbound Version) – Jazzanova-Compost Records


  • Hey I did that too! Well something fairly similar - I plugged my US amp directly into the socket in Australia.

    It doesn't work anymore, but I have yet to throw it out, because I am in denial about what I have done (it has been two years, to give you a little context).

    By Blogger cristy, at 10:39 am  

  • did you take it to the amp doctor? if you're lucky there may be just a fried fuse or two and a relatively cheap fix...

    By Blogger mister z, at 11:17 am  

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