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Monday, September 05, 2005

it goes like this

Failing to plan is planning to fail. So having now been thoroughly castigatory, let me give you some personal foresights for the next week around these parts. See you on the other side.

Monday: Fresh pineapple for breakfast and a productive day in the office. Go home. Within certain personal cultural boundaries, drop tunes best described as “whatever makes the girlies get up and wiggle” down at Thirst. Said cultural boundaries being, you can ask me for R&B but I ain’t gonna play it! Ner ner, sucks not to be the DJ don’t it? Drink Staropramen beer and vodka-bombed banana smoothies for 5 hours. Home about 3. Sleep.

Tuesday: Tea and toast for breakfast. Stumble through work day. Go home. Catch a nap. Up and out. Drop a couple of hours cruisy tunes in the Brickworks… and keep the Czech Budvahhhhhhhh! flowing. Yummy. Home about midnight. Pass out.

Wednesday: Red bull and toast for breakfast. Crawl to bus stop. Drool on keyboard after lunch and hope no one notices. Go home. Favourite motorbiking vegan DJ from Virginia and her boyfriend hit town, for one night only.

Red mist descends.

Thursday: Perform CPR on liver. Complain about jackhammer headache. Feebly flail from beneath the pillows. Get laughed at by hangover-impervious Ms Z. Blubber and be pathetic until she’s sympathetic. Dry wretching, espresso, and a too-many-too-late dose of multivitamins for breakfast. Catch the wrong bus. Arrive at work in time for lunch. Pass out under conference room table.

Friday-Sunday: Rudely early awakening. Pack stuff. Be pathetically grateful when Ms Z notices you don’t have your headphones. Again. Croissants and mocha to go. Train to Southampton. Sleep. Ferry to Isle of Wight. Sleep. Yippee, it’s the Bestival!! Run around like a monkey trying to see Röyksopp, the Super Furry Animals, 2 Many DJs, The Go! Team, Tom Findlay (from Groove Armada), Bez (from the Happy Mondays), Bugz In The Attic, Gilles Peterson, Dub Pistols & Terry Hall, Hot Chip, Annie Mac, Annie Nightingale, Andy Smith, and the Finger Lickin' Soundsystem. Do a bit of DJing there too.

Monday: hurt.


  • Hi Cynan, this is Nathan (aka didjeridude) from Canberra. I'll be in Oxford on Thursday visiting a professor at the university. if you're around we should catch up. drop me a line:

    By Anonymous didjeridude, at 8:12 pm  

  • Hey, you stole my week.

    Or, what sounds like my week if you take out all the music and late nights and leave in the wretching and tiredness.

    By Blogger paul, at 3:55 am  

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